Survey API

Welcome to our Medallia Agile Research developer portal.

This site makes integration easy with free access to documentation and samples. As a developer you can explore the opportunities of our Medallia Agile Research survey API and discover how to integrate our functionality into your internal applications.


You can integrate Medallia Agile Research data gathering technology with your internal processes to analyze and compare all kinds of information including customer, employee, partner and member attitudinal data. Our survey API enables you to:

  • Automatically send surveys after each pre-defined event, such as a sale or customer service contact.
  • Create relevant survey questions based on the individual customer's profile stored in your company's database.
  • Integrate historical customer survey responses into your CRM.

Bidirectional communication

You can send and request information using our REST survey API. This is an ideal approach if you would like to automate invitations or create custom dashboards with live data. But we can also notify your application with:

  • Notifications (as http request) which we send to you after an event (such as an answer to a certain question).
  • Webhooks allow you to build or set up integrations which subscribe to certain survey events. When one of those events is triggered, we'll send a HTTP POST payload to the webhook's configured URL.


Security is our keyword. HTTPS and TLS v1.2 are required for all survey API requests.
Additionally each survey API call needs to contain both Authentication headers. You can manage your own keys and apply different roles to your keys. This enables you to limit the data which can be retrieved/modified for each key. A developer who should build a custom dashboard shouldn't get the rights to modify surveys or contacts. In our tool, you can also create a seperate user for each survey API user. The survey API user can't access the tool but can access the restricted pages on this site.


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