GET - 3/contacts/import/targetcolumns

Retrieve all available options which you can use as TargetColumnName in the ImportColumnMapping.

Response cached for 86400 seconds.

Response information

Payload containing a list of strings.


The metadata such as paging parameters, status code, timestamp,... which are related to this request.

Type MetaData

The actual data returned by the request.

Type Collection of string

HATEOAS related to this object. It wil contain relevant url's such as previous and next page for paged results, create/update/delete action. These url's can be used in your application for the next steps in your application logic.

Type Hateoas
  "Meta": {
    "Status": 1,
    "TotalRowCount": 1,
    "Limit": 1,
    "Offset": 1,
    "TotalPageCount": 1,
    "StartRec": 1,
    "StopRec": 1,
    "Timestamp": "2024-07-16T19:37:33.2533384Z",
    "IsFiltered": true
  "Data": [
    "sample string 1",
    "sample string 2"
<Payload xmlns:i="" z:Id="i1" xmlns:z="">
  <Data xmlns:d2p1="">
    <d2p1:string>sample string 1</d2p1:string>
    <d2p1:string>sample string 2</d2p1:string>