GET - 3/lookup/questiontypes?lang={lang}

Retrieve the question type id and name for the question types. The data will be retrieved in the requested language.

Response cached for 86400 seconds.
1 Text / Media
2 Radio buttons (single select)
3 Drop down list (single select)
4 Checkboxes (multi-select)
5 Rating scale
6 Matrix (single select)
7 Textbox
8 List of textboxes
9 Multiline textbox
10 Constant sum
11 Rank order scale
12 Date picker
13 Matrix (multi-select)
14 Matrix (textbox)
15 Listbox (multi-select)
16 Matrix (endpoint labels)
17 MaxDiff (best/worst)
18 Net promoter score
19 Upload
20 Slider
21 Captcha
22 QR code reader
23 MaxDiff
24 Conjoint
25 Video (powered by Medallia Video)
26 Card Sort

Request information


The two-letter code of the requested language, if not available we will use english

Type string
Additional info

Response information


The metadata such as paging parameters, status code, timestamp,... which are related to this request.

Type MetaData

The actual data returned by the request.

Type Collection of SimpleLookup

HATEOAS related to this object. It wil contain relevant url's such as previous and next page for paged results, create/update/delete action. These url's can be used in your application for the next steps in your application logic.

Type Hateoas
  "Meta": {
    "Status": 1,
    "TotalRowCount": 1,
    "Limit": 1,
    "Offset": 1,
    "TotalPageCount": 1,
    "StartRec": 1,
    "StopRec": 1,
    "Timestamp": "2024-06-23T15:33:31.8691123Z",
    "IsFiltered": true
  "Data": [
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
<Payload xmlns:i="" z:Id="i1" xmlns:z="">
    <SimpleLookup z:Id="i2">
      <Id>sample string 1</Id>
      <Name>sample string 2</Name>
    <SimpleLookup z:Ref="i2" />