GET - 3/lookup/resultcodes?lang={lang}

Retrieve the list of ResultCodes which are returned when importing contacts or adding responses.

Response cached for 86400 seconds.
R0301 R0301 - Successfully created
R0302 R0302 - Invalid date of birth
R0303 R0303 - Unknown country code
R0304 R0304 - Unknown state code
R0305 R0305 - No language code
R0306 R0306 - Invalid language code
R0307 R0307 - No email address
R0308 R0308 - Invalid email address
R0309 R0309 - Opted-out
R0310 R0310 - Email address on global bounce list.
R0311 R0311 - Cooldown list
R0315 R0315 - Duplicate e-mail address in file
R0316 R0316 - Duplicate e-mail address in contacts
R0317 R0317 - No alternative identifying value specified
R0318 R0318 - Using default language code
R0319 R0319 - Trial surveys are limited to 25 respondents
R0321 R0321 - Survey should have "In development" or "Live" status.
R0100 Question-response combinations that don't exist
R0102 Responses on a question that has a N/A option selected
R0103 Multiple responses on a single choice question
R0104 Multiple responses on a the same question - response combination
R0201 Invalid response
R0202 Invalid response
R0203 Invalid integer or not within min and max value
R0204 Invalid sum of responses
R0205 Date not within min and max value
R0206 Invalid date
R0207 Invalid email address
R0208 Value is too long or too short
R0209 Invalid decimal or not within min and max value
R0210 Validation Modulo 97 failed
R0105 Empty response
R0300 R0300 - Successfully updated
R0322 R0322 - Invalid phone number. The correct syntax is +[country code][area code][number]
R0323 R0323 - Domain blocked from import
R0324 R0324 - Role-based addresses
R0326 R0326 - Contact not found

Request information


Type string
Additional info

Response information


The metadata such as paging parameters, status code, timestamp,... which are related to this request.

Type MetaData

The actual data returned by the request.

Type Collection of SimpleLookup

HATEOAS related to this object. It wil contain relevant url's such as previous and next page for paged results, create/update/delete action. These url's can be used in your application for the next steps in your application logic.

Type Hateoas
  "Meta": {
    "Status": 1,
    "TotalRowCount": 1,
    "Limit": 1,
    "Offset": 1,
    "TotalPageCount": 1,
    "StartRec": 1,
    "StopRec": 1,
    "Timestamp": "2024-04-24T07:10:58.8995933Z",
    "IsFiltered": true
  "Data": [
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
      "Id": "sample string 1",
      "Name": "sample string 2"
<Payload xmlns:i="" z:Id="i1" xmlns:z="">
    <SimpleLookup z:Id="i2">
      <Id>sample string 1</Id>
      <Name>sample string 2</Name>
    <SimpleLookup z:Ref="i2" />