Indicator if the contact has been created or in case of using the ReuseExisting parameter an existing contact has been linked to the group/survey

Type boolean

Detailed description of reason why the creation of the contact failed.

Type string
Additional info

Adding a new contact might result in an error if the request data is incorrect. You can get the following failure messages:

            * The group with the given Id does not exist.
            * The survey with the given Id does not exist.
            * The survey should have "In development(1)" or "Live(2)" status.
            * No e-mail address specified
            * Invalid e-mail address specified
            * Invalid date
            * Unknown country code
            * Unknown state code
            * Invalid language code specified
            * E-mail address is on the bounce suppression list

The id of the new/existing Contact which has been linked to the group/survey. If the import failed the ContactId will not be available in the API response.

Type integer

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