A summary of the ways a survey is being distributed


Invite panelists to participate in your survey by sending them an email invitation, either using CheckMarket's email engine or your own email engine.


Invite people to participate in your survey through a variety of web-based options. You can link to the survey from your website, display it in a pop-up, embed it in a page on your website, etc.


Invite people on paper to participate in your survey. You can choose whether to send them the survey form on paper and/or invite them to participate online by typing in an easy URL.


Invite people to participate in your survey, by calling them and posing your questions over the telephone. You can also dictate them an easy URL so that they can fill-out the survey online.


Invite people to participate in your survey via a kiosk (with touch screen or keyboard). You can use the kiosk during a trade show, a congress, an open house, in a museum, etc. You can control yourself after how many seconds one automatically jumps back to the start screen.


Invite people to participate in your survey via a SMS mobile text message. The recipients receive a text message with an easy short url. They can then complete the survey on their smart phone or type the url into their computer and fill out the survey that way.


Purchase a group of respondents that fit your criteria. We work with panel providers from around the world and have access to millions of potential respondents. You only pay for respondents that match your criteria and complete the survey.

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